Emergency Pop Tarts Episode! (Episode 4.5)

Emergency Pop Tarts Episode! (Episode 4.5)

What could get Chris in such a panic that he would actually run?  Is hot soda the newest breakfast food?  Does a groin level microwave promote sterility?  Come find out with us as we try Pop Tarts’ newest flavor abominations!

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2 thoughts on “Emergency Pop Tarts Episode! (Episode 4.5)

  1. So, in my real life, I work with various flavor concentrates as a flavorist for an electronic cigarette fluid maker. I have the flavoring for all three of the Pop Tart flavors you sampled. You commented on the smell. It is arguably worse in it’s concentrate form. It smells like you are somehow doing lines of syrup, and it taints anything near the bottle. Not as bad as hazelnut concentrate, but any time I have to make root beer fluid, I make sure I’m not going anywhere afterward. The watermelon is about as bad, and the orange is surprisingly pleasant.

    Regarding the heat, the concentrates actually lose certain molecules when they’re heated. I don’t know why people insist on using them in heated applications in the first place, especially the application *I* use them for, but they somehow work. These three flavors are uniquely susceptible to top note loss when heated.

    Anyhow, thought I’d share this bit of info. 🙂

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