Coal Is Better Than Bacon (Episode 9)

Coal Is Better Than Bacon (Episode 9)

The holidays are here, and what better way to celebrate than with candy shaped like a cane! We try another Brach’s item, but can we find it in our hearts to forgive them? Will other candy makers steal our hearts first? Only one way to find out…

Music by: Chris Lyons and Alex Arbit
Edited by: Chris Lyons
Logo by: Alex Arbit

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2 thoughts on “Coal Is Better Than Bacon (Episode 9)

  1. I hear you guys talking shit on Brach’s, but I need to know what candy corn tastes less like teeth. On that note I should say that there are worse and more teeth like candy corns. Now I know you had a bad experience with the novelty flavor, but standard fare candy corn, brach’s stands above the rest and I dare you to prove me wrong if only to listen to both of you groan about it. Keep it up and have a good new year at least!

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