The Podcast at the End of the Universe (Episode 31)

The Podcast at the End of the Universe (Episode 31)

Thanks to a suggestion from Dustin from Texas, we’re trying some of the odd flavors that Lollyphile has to offer. We have a bouquet of dreamsicle, Irish cream, stout, blue cheese, and Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster! So grab your towel, stick out your thumb, and try to ignore the Vogon poetry in the background.

Want to try some for yourself? Head over to and check out all their other neat flavors. You can also find them on social media @lollyphile.

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Editor’s note: Hi everyone, Chris here. For full transparency, Lollyphile did give us these samples free of charge. This did not influence our review of them, nor were we directed in what to say. This is not a paid advertisement, and the opinions expressed are our own. Thanks guys.

Music by: Chris Lyons and Alex Arbit
Edited by: Chris Lyons
Logo by: Alex Arbit
Special Guest: Kristi Roby
Special thanks to: Lollyphile

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